Recipe of the Month
Cherlyn's Gingerbread
Fresh Eggs and Milk!
MeadowWood Organics
Enumclaw, WA
A Certified Raw Milk Dairy
Making a home......we can use all the help we can get!! 
Here are some of my favorite links!
(Let me know what you'd like to see added here.)
Housework & Finance HELP for those of us perfectionists who just can't keep up with the house and routines....FLYLADY!  Although I can't do much, I do know that I can "do anything for 15 minutes."  Truly a help for us all...whether you're doing great with keeping up, or are totally overwhelmed!
Affordable Organic food....straight from the farm.  Azure is an organic farm in Oregon, and they also sell produce and everything else from other farms around them, as well as small companies using sustainable practices. Truly the most affordable organic food around, and wonderful.
Thinking about Homeschooling?
After trying lots of things, I recommend going to Timberdoodle - their recommendations are WONDERFUL, whether you are a Charlotte Mason home schooler, or someone who needs to have a computer-based program.  Their recommendations are the BEST.
If you're in the south Puget Sound area of Washington State, I HIGHLY recommend PATH Co-op for your children.  Offering core classes, as well as extras such as "Young Men in Training," "Scrapbooking," and my class, "Worship Leaders in Training."
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